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About Us

Rosie On Fire is playful, flirty with a little bit of sexy. Our favourite F word is flattering. Drapes to skim, sheerness for a peek, we love a good game of hide and seek. 

 Our Products

Our Product

Our kimonos are designed with our signature cut that floats around you and flatters Flatters FLATTERS all shapes and sizes. Being a tease never hurt, so we've made it just sheer enough and let imaginations take it from there.

This is the one piece you can take anywhere. Chiffon doesn’t easily wrinkle; we recommend throwing it in your purse, your luggage or in your car for those ‘uh oh’ moments when you need some emergency glam. It’s the fashion equivalent of the perfect red lip.

Our Values

We love beautiful things, we love fun, we love people. Within certain sectors, Rosie On Fire hires marginalised people which provides them greater opportunity: particularly women at risk, low income families and autistic individuals.

A portion of our garments are made by these groups and we aim to integrate autistic people within roles that complement their strengths such as order fulfillment.


Our Kids

A portion of our sales go to helping our sponsor children who come from areas of extreme poverty and are at high risk of neglect, abuse and sexual exploitation.

Sponsoring a child means they get weekly home visits from a care worker, and they get food, clothing and education.

We’re actively involved in their well-being by building relationships through letters, special gifts or birthday treats and yearly updates on their progress. If you’d like to know more, get in touch!


Our Founder

Angeline is the Founder of Rosie On Fire. Before Rosie On Fire, Angeline trained as a lawyer and has a Bachelors of Law from the University of Buckingham and a Masters of Science from the University of Oxford. She’s not a very good lawyer or scientist, so it’s fortunate she ended up in retailing.

How did that happen? Her family has been involved in retailing her whole life running department stores, international brands (Laura Ashley for example), F&B outlets and the like. Since she was young she’s been involved in the family business whether working during school breaks or providing unsolicited opinions over dinner table discussions.

Her mum has been involved in a lot of work for women and impoverished communities, and her little brother is autistic. The soul of the company comes from these causes that are close to her heart.

Our Founder