The Magic of our Kimonos


Every single design has been created to flatter your figure.

We started with a drape that elongates and slims, to strategic placement or prints and our sheer material that provides just a peek.

Our distinctive cut accentuates your shape by creating a flowing and flirty 'peek-a-boo' effect around the body, different from other kimonos that lay flat and hide all shape.

flattering red kimono

Completely Unique

All our kimonos are handcrafted and designed in-house. It flatters, captures imaginations, and has that magic 'something' that turns heads.

We utilise proprietary cuts and unique prints to create a kimono that is elegant, glamourous and easily wearable.

There's nothing else like it in the world.

rosie on fire gift wrap

Easy Glamour & Versatility

Our chiffon kimonos were designed so they can be kept in your purse to easily accessorise on those occasions where emergency glamour is needed.

We believe that glamour should look effortless, and there's nothing more effortless than throwing on a kimono.

They are the equivalent of the perfect red lipstick, incredibly versatile, they can easily be dressed up or down, over an evening gown or swimsuit.

The possibilities are endless as your creativity.

colourful fabric

Refined Details

We believe in details. Every single aspect of our kimonos has been carefully considered and refined. From our signature hardware to perfected technical specifications, nothing less has been left to chance.

From the master cutting to the finishing touches that elevate our kimonos, we work with a team of expert tailors who specialise in silk & chiffon.

Garments are then meticulously studied by our design team to ensure that every detail is perfect.

kimono with metal tag

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